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Boss Babe Awards Weekend A Celebration of Empowerment, Excellence, and Unstoppable Boss Energy!

Updated: May 15

Becoming Her Magazine Recap Boss Babe Awards Weekend Extravaganza

Atlanta witnessed an electrifying celebration this past weekend as the Boss Babe Awards marked its third year with a three-day spectacle of empowerment, recognition, and pure boss energy. Hosted by the visionary force, Milatto Shavelle, this event was more than just an awards show—it was a testament to the power and influence of women and LGBTQ entrepreneurs making waves in their respective industries. As she created a platform for so many people needs.

Day 1: Opening Night Extravaganza

The festivities kicked off with a bang on Friday night, setting the stage for the remarkable weekend ahead. The Tiny Desk Concert Series was a highlight, featuring powerhouse performances by Kissie Lee, Just Brittany, Dondria Nicole, and the sensational Jhonni Blaze. Guiding us through the evening was the charismatic MC Zachory Kirk, while a live band serenaded the crowd, setting the perfect tone for an unforgettable night.

Photo Credits Shootworks Mrs.Netta and Charles

Photo Credits Shootworks Milatto Shavette , Just Brittany , Dondria

Photo Credits Shootworks Just Brittany , Dondria

Photo Credits Shootworks

Becoming Her Magazine had the honor of bestowing Milatto with the recognition she rightly deserves. We unveiled our largest cover to date, heralding her as the embodiment of boss excellence.

Cover Photo Credits Wild Housse Recordings

But the celebrations didn't stop there; our Boss Babe edition, dropping on May 8th, will spotlight 15 remarkable women from Milatto's tribe, each deserving of their own bouquet of recognition. May 8th 8pm est the issue will drop. With delectable food, tantalizing drinks, networking opportunities, and fabulous giveaways, the opening night was nothing short of spectacular.

Photo Credits Shootworks

Photo Credits Shootworks

Photo Credits Shootworks

Photo Credits Shootworks

Photo Credits Shootworks

Photo Credits Shootworks

Photo Credits Shootworks Becoming Her Magazine Founders

Day 2: Boss Babe Content Expo at The Luxe Galore

Saturday brought forth the Boss Babe Content Expo at the luxurious haven known as The Luxe Galore. Boasting over 10 content sets, this venue was a sight to behold, surpassing all expectations.

Day 2 featured vendors such as Beyoushoetique, Pop Out Magazine, Becoming Her Magazine, Styled by Kok, Your Bar Gal ((catering to mocktail enthusiasts like myself)), Gummdrunk Novelties, Bri Belle Boutique, Sweet Psalms Florist (providing beautiful floral arrangements, a very nice touch), Simply Naked Candle Co., Nurse 2 Beauty, and Happy Feet 360, which sponsored the giant letters and content phone booth. Additionally, The Queen Kollection by Boui Lip Cosmetics and Essentially Key showcased their offerings.

Celebrity guests, including Remy Ma and Terrence Davidson, Lovelyti Tv ,Mrs.Netta & Charles and more added an extra dash of glamour. And who could forget the silent party, sponsored by 4th Season Sounds, offering beats to suit every vibe, from trap to R&B to reggae!

The content expo was nothing short of spectacular, offering an array of complimentary beverages and delectable cuisine that elevated the entire experience to a whole new level of excellence.

Day 3: The Grand Finale—Boss Babe Awards

Now, let's delve into the grand finale of day three: The Awards ceremony. The pink carpet was ablaze with media coverage, including our very own Becoming Her Magazine, capturing every dazzling moment.

Photo Credits Shootworks Johnni Blaze

The atmosphere was set for the pink carpet, graced by the presence of esteemed media outlets such as Shootworks, Poppin After Thirty, and Downtown Hott Radio. Guiding us through the evening's festivities with charm and poise was the Pink Carpet Official Host, Neffy, adding an extra layer of glamour to an already dazzling affair.

Photo Credits Shootworks Grls Atl

The evening unfolded with a cocktail hour, tantalizing attendees with a selection of beverages, accompanied by delectable light bites to whet the appetite. As the night progressed, the stage came alive with mesmerizing performances by Just Brittany, Mooney, Riko, Tramel, Jas, and Bri Biase. These performances were nothing short of extraordinary, providing a platform for underrated artists to showcase their exceptional talents and captivate the audience with their artistry.

Amidst the electrifying performances, the Boss Babe Awards ceremony honored outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to their industries. The esteemed honorees included luminaries such as Blaque, Lyrica Anderson, Kendra Robinson, and Jhonni Blaze, each recognized for their remarkable achievements.

Photo Credits Shootworks Blaque

Photo Credits Shootworks Lyrica Anderson

Photo Credits Shootworks Just Brittany

Photo Credits Shootworks Damienne Flagler

Photo Credits Shootworks Bri Biase

The room buzzed with anticipation and excitement as nominees awaited the announcement of the winners in each category. It was a night filled with anticipation, celebration, and a sense of camaraderie as attendees came together to applaud the accomplishments of their peers and revel in the collective spirit of empowerment and excellence.

Milatto was honored with yet another magazine cover, this time gracing the cover of Pop Out Magazine. As she adorned the cover, surrounded by accolades and admiration, she was overwhelmed with love and support from everyone. It was a moment of validation, recognizing her tireless efforts in creating an extraordinary platform for generations to come. Finally, the world was giving her the flowers she rightfully deserved, acknowledging her.

Photo Credits Shootworks THE WOMAN BEHIND IT ALL

Witnessing the winners take the stage to share their journeys and express gratitude to their support systems was nothing short of heartwarming. The Boss Babe Awards Weekend Experience transcended mere celebration; it was a safe space,a platform for hope, empowerment, and unity. As we reflect on this unforgettable weekend, we can't help but envision the Boss Babe Awards evolving into a legacy akin to the BET Awards—a platform where dreams are realized, and excellence is celebrated.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

Before we sign off, let us extend our heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors who made this weekend possible: Restaurant 2131, DJ Designer for the official awards day sounds, Cooked Up Creationz, Happy Feet 360, and all the swag bag sponsors.

And let's not forget the talented photographers and videographers who immortalized every moment with their artistry. To Jojo Pixs, Ki Shot it, 590 Photography, Shoot works, Raw File Media, Photography Balaboa, Ayo Photoz, Shot BYC, Jus4 Love Photos, Kronos Pictures, Ju.Mediaa, Marsz Flimz, Red Kamera Visuals, Loc N Free, Mo Music Entertainment, Wild House Recordings—thank you for capturing the all moments , and celebrations.

In conclusion, the Boss Babe Awards Weekend was not just an event; it was a movement—a celebration of resilience, creativity, and unapologetic excellence. Here's to the future, where we continue to uplift and celebrate the voices and visions of boss babes everywhere. Cheers to the Boss Babe Awards platform—a force to be reckoned with, now and always.

Credit Happy Feet 360

A special shoutout goes to the official PR mavens of the event, Cashe Arrielle and Coco Ash, whose expertise and dedication played an integral role in ensuring the success of the Boss Babe Awards Weekend. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes helped elevate the event to new heights and ensured that the spotlight shone brightly on all the incredible talent and achievements being celebrated. Cheers to Cashe Arrielle and Coco Ash for their invaluable contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence!

Cheers to all the winners!

Graphic designer: William Collins III

Graphic designer: William Collins III

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