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Meet Shenelle Simone The New 'It' Girl of Media

Born in Trinidad & Tobago, raised in East New York, Brooklyn, and currently taking over Atlanta, Shenelle Simone has proven to be a triple threat in today's media industry Now dominating Atlanta's media scene, Shenelle is showing she meant to stay in the media world. With her podcast, Flew Here Grew Here Podcast. Shenelle is showing the media world she is here to stay.

Known affectionately as "The Hostess with the Mostest" and "Your Favorite Brooklyn Babe," Shenelle has been able to connect and shake the room with her unique sound and topics. Shenelle's journey is one of triumph over adversity, making her the 'It' girl of our generation.

Shenelle Simone has a unique blend of Caribbean roots and urban grit shaped her dynamic personality, endearing her to diverse audiences. Today, she stands tall in Atlanta, where her infectious energy and distinct sound have made her a household name.

In 2015, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Albany State University, Shenelle embarked on her media journey. Her early days were marked by enthusiasm and determination, yet the industry’s opportunities seemed elusive. By 2017, faced with a lack of prospects, Shenelle pivoted to pursue a Master's degree in Finance, stepping into the corporate world. But her true calling remained undeniable.

"My friends and family always saw me as the life of the party, the one who brought people together," Shenelle recalls. Their belief in her talent rekindled her passion for media. When the pandemic struck in 2020, it became a catalyst for change. Shenelle founded Bauce Media Enterprise, LLC, and joined the Media Girls Network, a move that marked the beginning of a remarkable comeback.

From that moment, Shenelle’s career trajectory soared. She worked with industry giants like Def Jam, Media Girls Network, VH1, Zeus Network, the Atlanta Falcons, Revolt Summit, and 2HotRadio. Her role as a media personality with these renowned brands solidified her status as a trailblazer. Her podcast, "Flew Here Grew Here," became a platform for authentic voices, further cementing her influence in the industry.

Yet, Shenelle’s journey was not without its challenges. "There were times I questioned my worth because I didn't fit the 'IG model' look," she admits. Self-doubt occasionally crept in, but her resolve never wavered. "Nothing comes easy, but my friends, family, business partner, and GOD allowed me to be my authentic self." - Shenelle Simone

Her authenticity is precisely what sets her apart. Shenelle's ability to connect with her audience is unparalleled. She brings a unique blend of charisma, relatability, and professionalism that resonates deeply with fans and peers alike. As the founder of Bauce Media Enterprise, she is not just a media personality but a visionary entrepreneur, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

Shenelle Simone is more than a media mogul in the making; she is inspiration for other brown skin girls who has a similar upbringing to her. Her story is a powerful reminder that with perseverance, support, and self-belief, one can overcome any obstacle. She embodies the spirit of a true 'Bauce'—bold, unapologetic, and relentless in the pursuit of her dreams.

As Shenelle continues to rise, she remains grounded in her roots, ever grateful for the journey that brought her here. From Trinidad & Tobago to East New York, and now Atlanta, Shenelle Simone is the epitome of the modern media powerhouse. She is the host, the personality, the influencer—and she is just getting started.

Welcome to the world of Shenelle Simone, where every step is a testament to staying true to herself and making sure every move is a bold statement, and every moment is a celebration of authentic success.

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