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Rising Above Rejection The Journey of Becoming Her Magazine

In the dynamic world of media and publishing, rejections are inevitable, even for the most passionate and dedicated teams. Recently, we faced with a rejection: our request for media credentials to cover Essence Fest was declined. As the newest magazine on the media block, this was a tough pill to swallow. This is a brand we look up to, and wanted to cover it. However, it did not break us; instead, it fueled our determination to push even harder.

Becoming Her Magazine is a small but mighty force in the publishing industry. We are a brand built on resilience, ambition, and a belief in our mission to inspire and empower women.

Crystal Jordan and Jasmine Hawkins (The founders) interviewing 702 at Grind Pretty Fest

The rejection email, though initially heart-wrenching, served as a powerful reminder of the challenging yet rewarding path we’ve chosen. Years from now we will look back and we see how far we have come. We understand we are the underdogs, but we are coming for everything God has for us.

We are still building our brand from the ground up, and we are already getting into rooms and securing interviews with celebrities and influencers, featuring them on our cover. Others see the value in our brand and, more importantly, our name itself. Becoming Her is powerful, and the creation of this platform is even more powerful because we know we are changing women's lives. To date, we have amplified the voices of over 300 women. We are so powerful that as we grow, we won’t get upset because others don’t see how powerful we are—yet.

Jasmine Hawkins (co-founder) Interviewing Gloss Up at Grind Pretty Fest

In this industry, numbers and reach play a crucial role. It's no secret that being new comes with its own set of hurdles. Established brands often have the upper hand when it comes to gaining access to major events and exclusive opportunities. Yet, every great empire starts with a single step, and every influential publication has its humble beginnings.

Jasmine Hawkins and Crystal Jordan (The Founders) taking pictures with Gloss Up

Crystal Jordan and Jasmine Hawkins at the movie premier for The Despaired with actress Denise Boutte

We understand why our application was not approved; the Essence Fest is a prestigious event that commands a significant media presence. But rather than dwelling on this setback, we choose to see it as a stepping stone. Each "no" we receive is a push towards our next "yes." It’s a challenge to elevate our game, expand our reach, and prove our worth.

Looking back, we will remember this moment not as a failure, but as a pivotal point in our journey. It’s a story we will tell with pride—how, in our first year, we faced rejection yet persevered. We were not granted access to the bigger brands and awards because they did not see our value—yet.But that only made us work harder, smarter, and with more passion.

As we continue to grow, we embrace the challenges and the opportunities they bring. We are more committed than ever to becoming the best magazine in the world. Each article, each issue, and each interaction with our readers is a step closer to our goal. We are Becoming Her Magazine—a powerhouse brand in the making.

Jasmine Hawkins and Crystal Jordan the official media partners for Southern Entertainment Awards which has been in business for 21 years

We got heavy hitters saying our brand name (REMEMBER THE NAME) Becoming Her Magazine

Cheers to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Cheers to our future success. And cheers to the day we look back and see this rejection as just one more reason why we are stronger, bolder, and better than ever. One day we will be at Essence Fest as media.


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