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Step into the world of Sasha, our December cover star, renowned as The Butterfly. In this special edition, Sasha unfolds her remarkable journey, weaving through the realms of music, modeling, wrestling, and influential brand ambassadorship.



A singer and songwriter at heart, Sasha shares her evolution from a young girl with starry dreams to a multifaceted artist breaking free from self-imposed limitations. The narrative takes an emotional turn as Sasha opens up about the pivotal moment in 2016 when she faced the profound loss of her daughter, Annaliyah, who was stillborn. This tragedy became a catalyst for Sasha’s unwavering commitment to her craft and her unyielding determination to inspire others. Sasha’s resilience and her unshakeable belief in God’s plan shine through her story, offering solace and strength to those navigating their own challenges.


Delve into the pages of this December issue to discover Sasha’s insights on life, loss, and the profound impact of trust in divine timing. With exclusive interviews, stunning visuals, and a celebration of her multifaceted talents, this edition captures the essence of Sasha’s journey — a metamorphosis from a cocoon to flight. Embrace the magic, resilience, and triumph embodied in The Butterfly – Sasha.

December Issue 2023


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