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BHM Feature Collaboration with Six Figure Spa Chick


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Amplifying Women's Voices one Story at a Time I Celebrating women making a difference & sharing stories that need to be told

Feature Submission Guidelines:

To be considered for a feature in Becoming Her Magazine, please ensure you complete the form in its entirety. All questions should be answered comprehensively, as incomplete submissions will be automatically declined.

We embrace and celebrate women's stories while empowering voices that make a difference. For a successful submission, provide detailed responses that reflect authenticity and inclusivity. Keep in mind our core HerValues: Empowerment, Inclusivity, Authenticity, Resilience, and our commitment to being God-affirming. Please note that we do not incorporate spirituality into our content; you can learn more about our core HerValues here.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We eagerly anticipate hearing from you and sharing your journey with our readers.

Are you willing to share your feature on your social media platforms to amplify its reach and create greater awareness?
Do you want more information becoming a sponsor?
Ensuring your story looks its best is our top priority, so it's crucial to submit high-quality pictures without any issues like body parts cut off, selfie shots, or blurriness. Do you understand that failure to meet these standards may lead to rescheduling your feature for the next issue or a temporary hold until improved images are provided?
By checking this box, I acknowledge that Becoming Her Magazine is a God-affirming brand and does not align with spirituality.
By checking this box, I affirm alignment with Becoming Her Magazine's core values, and I understand that Becoming Her Magazine has the right to decline anyone who doesn't align.
By checking this box, I acknowledge that if selected for a feature, a payment link from Becoming Her Magazine will be sent.
Please evaluate which package suits your requirements best, and by selecting a package, I acknowledge the associated pricing for the feature. If my feature is approved, Becoming Her Magazine will send a payment link that must be settled before the feature creation begins. These are exclusive prices for Spa Boss Tribe.
By selecting this option, I acknowledge that I want to purchase an ad space in the magazine
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