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BHM Feature Partnership with YHer Dollz


 YHer Dollz

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Ready to be featured? Unlock the key to share your narrative with the world and engage our amazing audience! This is your opportunity to amplify your voice and let it resonate globally. Leverage your article and feature as social proof to enhance credibility for both you and your brand.

Who do we feature?

We Feature women just like you!

Tell Your story

Fill out the form and be very detailed vague responds will declined

Feature Guidelines

Check out our features guideline

Our core Hervalues

Do you align with our brand!

By checking this box, I acknowledge that Becoming Her Magazine is a God-affirming brand and does not align with spirituality.
By checking this box, I affirm alignment with Becoming Her Magazine's core values, and I understand that Becoming Her Magazine has the right to decline anyone who doesn't align.
Please evaluate which package suits your requirements best, and by selecting a package, I acknowledge the associated pricing for the feature. If my feature is approved, Becoming Her Magazine will send a payment link that must be settled before the feature creation begins.
By selecting this option, I acknowledge that I want to purchase an ad space in the magazine
Are you willing to share your experience cover on your social media platforms to amplify its reach and create greater awareness?
Would you like to partner with Becoming Her Magazine and also become a sponsor for our events?
By checking this box, I acknowledge that a collaboration contract link from Becoming Her Magazine will be sent, which I must sign to be featured on their platform. This will be included in the congratulations email.
By checking this, you understand we will send a congratulations email asking for the following items in your Google Drive: your bio, your social media links, logo, website, photographer credit, your brand colors, interview questions with answers, and 4 to 10 unpublished pictures.
By completing this form, you consent to granting Becoming Her Magazine the rights to use your images in articles, on social media platforms, and in any videos submitted to BHM. Your images may be showcased or published for branding purposes.
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