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Empowering Brilliance: PENNED - She Created.. She Cultivated! Unleashing the Power of Amazing Women

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hey there, lovely readers! Buckle up because I've got an electrifying event to share with you all. Last weekend, we had the incredible opportunity to attend the PENNED - She Created.. She Cultivated! an event hosted at The Bakery Co, and oh my goodness, it was an absolute game-changer for our business!

Let me set the scene for you. The room was buzzing with excitement as we gathered to listen to a panel of remarkable women who shared their inspiring journeys to success. These ladies dropped so many gems of wisdom that it created a pivotal shift in our approach to business.

The panel was nothing short of phenomenal, and each woman's story was nothing less than awe-inspiring. The atmosphere was electric, surrounded by a room full of women who were fiercely dedicated to their businesses. We couldn't help but feel empowered just by being in their presence.

The event kicked off with a bang, as Judge Terrinee Gundy delivered a powerful statement that left us all in awe. "I AM an Amazing Fucking Woman." Those words resonated deep within us, and it set the tone for an event that was raw, authentic, and filled with moments of profound truth.

Judge Terrinee Gundy was a force of nature, and her interviewing style was both fun and engaging. One standout moment was when she spoke with DeAnna Hamilton, the founder of Circle One Inc. The judge talked about DeAnna will not to make herself small for others, talking to Ms.Hamltion. She then on to say people have often told DeAnna Hamltion that people have often told her

"When She walks into a room, she takes out some of the air, her response was " Then they going to chocked" Everyone is going choked because what I am not going to do is make myself small and order to make other people comfortable."

The room erupted in applause and cheers, as we all realized the power of owning our space and being unapologetically ourselves.

Another moment that left us inspired came from Arian Simone, the founder of the Fearless Fund. She shared her journey of resilience, from living in her car after being fired from a job to building a successful venture. Her story was a testament to the power of determination and belief in oneself. Arian's advice to start your company from the top with a strong board of directors was a major takeaway for us.

Peaches, the owner of Tagged, also had her moment to shine as she spoke about the importance of pivoting in business for success. Her insights were invaluable, and we couldn't help but admire her entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout the event, we had the chance to interview different women about their perspectives on luxury. Social media influencer Stormi Banks was among the inspirational women we had the honor of speaking with. Their words of wisdom will be featured in our upcoming issue in August, and we can't wait to share their stories with you all.

But that's not all! We also had the incredible opportunity to interview Judge Terrinee Gundy for our magazine and promote her new book "The Daughter of a Junkie: A True Love Story." Her resilience and determination left us in awe, and we can't wait to bring her story to our readers.

So, dear readers, this event was truly a life-changing experience for us. The PENNED - She Created.. She Cultivated! event hosted at The Bakery Co was a powerhouse of inspiration, empowerment, and raw authenticity. We left the room feeling ready to take on the world, armed with the knowledge that we, too, are amazing fucking women! Stay tuned for more exciting stories and insights, and until next time, keep cultivating greatness! 💪💫 #PENNEDEvent #WomenEmpowerment #FearlessLeaders #Inspiration #Resilience #EmpoweringWomen #BusinessJourney #SheCultivated #TheBakeryCoworkingSpace

Empowering Brilliance: PENNED - She Created.. She Cultivated! Unleashing the Power of Amazing Women. Terinnee Gundy

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Aug 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is powerful! My favorite was the quote from the event. Please keep posting on HerBlog. I am enjoying it.

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