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I'll take the Picasso! Atlanta Polo Classic!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Hey HerReaders! Maybach’s, and Phantom’s, G Wagon’s oh my! I’m clearly not in Birmingham anymore. Miguel Wilson extended the invite and the who’s who showed up in numbers. The 6th annual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic is recognized as the signature event of the year. This event features Miguel Wilson’s personal collections, celebrity designer Lisa Nicole Collections, gourmet cuisine, helicopter drop-offs, signature cocktails, party bus shuttles, and celebrity guest performances. Everything needed for a VIP experience.

Now that the politics are out of the way, can you say Black Excellence? I may be new to the Picasso’s but I’ve graduated from the piss in the hallway. If you haven’t seen ATL we can’t be friends. Let me paint a picture, Atlanta’s 61st mayor Andre Dickens. Rapper Jeezy. Reality TV’s Aikisha Colon, Cynthia Bailey, Drew Sidora, and Mimi Faust. Former NFL players Adam “Paceman” Jones, and Jamarcus Russell. Media mogul your favorite Country Cutie. Don’t hate on my manifest and a King! No seriously, and actual King of something. I would love to tell you more about him but my journalism training didn’t quite cover the craft of infiltrating a royal entourage. I think that’s covered in the Doctorate program. Anywho, are you seeing what I seeing? Exactly! Atlanta’s upper echelon and a few well-traveled others of Black Wall Street gathered at the Bouckaert Farm for a day of polo, fashion, and fellowship. In summary, the ultimate who’s who day party!

Is it ok if I get into a few details? Great! Going back to my ATL reference, yeah, I’m new here. I’ve never in my life seen a polo match. Not even on TV. So, I had questions. As I placed my shades over my eyes and my fan so gracefully over my mouth to cover my lips. I leaned over to my neighbor and whispered, “So is this like, soccer meets tennis, meets Kentucky Derby?” Let’s fast forward past the looks and laughs and slight embarrassment of my ignorance and get to the meat and potatoes. Disclaimer: No feelings were actually hurt in this process.

Here are some things you should know before your first polo match.

Chukka - a period of play.

Mallet - is the stick a player uses to hit the ball. All polo players hold the mallet in their right hand, as it's the rule of the game.

Stomping the Divots - Divots are chunks of grass that are kicked up by the horses' hooves as they're running during the match. At halftime, spectators are invited onto the field to 'stomp the divots,' or put the grass back into place.

Pitch - The grass field on which the match is played is known as the pitch - at each end are goal posts and the field is usually 300 yards long.

Goal - A goal is scored when a player hits the ball between two end posts. Like a (American) football field goal, even if the ball goes higher than the posts, as long as it's crosses the goal line between them, a goal is awarded.

Pony - A polo pony is really a horse that's been bred specifically for the sport. They're quick, agile and usually Argentinian. Because the sport is very intense, a player switches ponies each chukka to give the horses a much-needed rest.

If you’re wondering if I’ll be in attendance next year the answer is yes! Hope to see you there.

P.S. I’m a fashion nova, Shein, discount, bargain shopping girl myself but this is not the event!

This is a live polo match featuring signature cocktails highlighting ONLY black-owned spirits, celebrity performances/ fellowship, and probably the best event for you to meet your future husband or wife. PUT THAT ISH ON!


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