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Meet Mavis Holland

A powerhouse named Mavis Holland, whose journey from a teenage passion to a full-fledged entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Mavis discovered her love for hair at the age of 12. What started as braiding her own hair soon transformed into a skill that captured the admiration of friends and family.

Mavis's journey took a significant turn after graduating from Carver School of the Arts High School. Armed with dreams of entrepreneurship and a love for both beauty and fashion, she initially set her sights on pursuing a business administration degree at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Little did she know, destiny had other plans for her.

Despite the initial plan to secure her associate's degree and further her education at Georgia State, Mavis pivoted towards her true calling – cosmetology. In September 2016, she took the bold step of becoming a future professional at Paul Mitchell, immersing herself in a demanding 11-month program that tested not just her skills but her resilience.

Mavis faced challenges, juggling a tight schedule and wrestling with exhaustion. Yet, she refused to let her hard work be in vain. Taking a short break to recharge, she persevered and emerged victorious, not just passing the state board exam but attaining the coveted title of a Master Cosmetologist.

Mavis Holland being the hairstylist at Dr. Contessa's photoshoot for Becoming Her Magazine's January issue.

My journey reminds us all: The best things in life lie on the other side of fear. I refuse to be boxed in; I'm limitless, a melody of creative passions echoing in the entrepreneurial symphony of life." - Mavis Holland

As a hairstylist, Mavis's repertoire of services includes everything from blowouts to silk presses, sew-ins, quick weaves, clip-ins, and more. Her dedication to her craft shone through even during periods of job transitions unrelated to her passion. In 2021, she sought a new experience, working at a blow bar to immerse herself in a salon environment and gain additional expertise.

Recognizing the need to elevate herself as a hairstylist and entrepreneur, Mavis took a leap of faith. She shifted her focus, delving into a new skill set by training as a lash artist. The move not only broadened her horizons but also provided an opportunity to work alongside other beauty professionals, fostering inspiration and growth.

Although her journey saw her leave the lash bar, Mavis fully embraced her role as a full-time entrepreneur. Her dedication to perfecting her craft, coupled with an unwavering commitment to building her clientele, paints a picture of a woman who refuses to be confined by limits. Entrepreneurship, she acknowledges, is not an easy path, but Mavis commends those who dare to bet on themselves and act on their ambitions.

In Mavis Holland, we find a multifaceted woman with a myriad of creative passions. She refuses to be boxed in, recognizing that the best things in life lie on the other side of fear. Her story serves as a testament to the limitless potential within us all, urging us to break free from self-imposed constraints and showcase our true essence.

As Mavis continues to carve her path in the entrepreneurial landscape, one can't help but be captivated by the spirit of a woman who knows no bounds. The world awaits the unfolding chapters of Mavis Holland's journey, a journey that promises to be as boundless as the spirit that propels her forward.

Interview with Mavis Holland

Q. Mavis, your journey from discovering your passion for hair at the age of 12 to becoming a Master Cosmetologist and lash artist is inspiring. Can you take us back to a pivotal moment during your cosmetology school days when you faced exhaustion and took a month and a half off from work? How did you find the strength to persevere, and what lessons did you learn during that challenging time that have shaped your approach to both your craft and entrepreneurship? 

A. During cosmetology school, I encountered challenges in maintaining a proper Work-Life balance. Gradually, burnout set in, impacting my school attendance. With a requirement of 1500 hours to graduate, I decided to take a leave from work to catch up on my hours. Despite the struggle, quitting my job wasn't an option, and I couldn't afford to be tardy for school. Recognizing the need for sacrifices to achieve goals, I found the strength to persevere by recalling my initial motivations. Realizing I had come too far to give up, I understood the importance of fulfilling the goals I had set, shaping my current approach to both my craft and entrepreneurship.

Q. Transitioning from working at a blow bar to becoming a lash artist and eventually embracing full-time entrepreneurship is a significant leap. Can you share a specific experience or realization during your time at the lash bar that made you decide to focus on elevating yourself as a hairstylist and entrepreneur? How did this shift impact your mindset and approach to building your career in the beauty industry?

A. Honestly working at both the blow bar and lash bar allowed me to see the ins and outs of running a salon. One day I would like to possibly own a salon but I felt it’s better to get experience in working behind the chair first. Personal fulfillment and creative satisfaction come with artistry. When people, places, or things aren’t in alignment it’s time to move on. This sparked a desire to transition to fully embrace entrepreneurship, driven by the passion for elevating my skills and establishing my unique presence in the beauty industry. The shift impacted my mindset by fostering a sense of independence and a more holistic approach to building a successful career.

Q. Being a multifaceted woman with creative passions ranging from beauty to fashion, you've chosen not to box yourself in. Can you share a moment or experience that made you realize the importance of embracing your multifaceted nature? How do you integrate your various creative passions into your work as a hairstylist and entrepreneur, and what advice do you have for others looking to explore and express their diverse talents within their chosen careers?

A. The moment I realized the importance of embracing my multifaceted nature was when I decided to be true to myself. I didn’t want to close myself off from the freedom of expression by not sharing all my gifts and talents. Often times we’re told to focus on one thing at a time but it’s okay to do it your way. I realized it’s a way to incorporate multiple passions into one. For example: I’m into content creation and I’m able to create content by filming videos of my work or experiences. I  realized that combining beauty and fashion enhances the overall client experience. Advice for others would likely include exploring intersections between their talents, finding common threads, and fearlessly incorporating those elements into their chosen careers for a more authentic and enriching path.

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Tayo Tinubu

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