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My Rollercoaster Ride at the Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam!

Hey there, fabulous HerReaders! Gather around because I've got a wild and unforgettable event to share with y'all that had me shaking my head and laughing my heart out. So, let me set the stage for you: I'm repping Atlanta, the land of endless energy and vibrant vibes. One day, I stumbled upon this flyer that practically screamed, "Get ready for the Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam!" It was plastered all over the city, and trust me, I was ready for a good time.

Now picture this – I had a podcast interview lined up for The Empowered Woman: Conversations by Becoming Her Magazine, all scheduled, and good to go. But guess what? The universe had different plans. The guest canceled due to unforeseen circumstances., and I saw it as a sign from the universe – my destiny was written in bold letters: "Thou shalt attend the concert!" I was stoked to catch Monica and DC Fly in action, and with a lineup that could rival a superstar parade, this show was promising.

So, off I went, leaving my podcast dreams behind for a night of music, laughs, and a whole lot of fun. My coworker gave me his tickets, and boy was I excited! I was dressed to impress, or rather, for comfort – denim two-piece set and sneakers because let's be real, heels and concerts don't mix for me! Oh, and I can't forget my trusty sidekick – my friend who was experiencing her first concert ever. She was all about those heels, but I had to intervene – no heels at a concert, girl, you'll regret it!

Our grand adventure began with us rushing to catch the train, fashionably late because, well, spontaneity is my middle name. And guess what? The show hadn't even kicked off properly yet – it seemed like they were running on CP time! Our tickets scored us some swanky Atlanta SocialLite seats, complete with munchies, drinks, and the works. Major thumbs up for that cozy setup! The show lineup was the following Monica, August, DC Fly, Emmanuel Hudson, Wild-Out Crew, Dj Envy, Jess Hilarious, B Simone, Justina Valentine, Mario, Tamar Braxton, Brandon T Jackson, and Jacquees( now I did not see him performance, maybe he was an opening act lol)

But oh boy, the show itself was a rollercoaster of surprises. Rip Micheals, you might want to reevaluate your sound team, because what we heard was more like sound experiments gone wrong. Comedians and artists took turns battling with this audio monster, and it was like watching a comedy show with mute buttons. Tamra Braxton strutted out, all dance moves blazing, but her vocals were playing hide-and-seek with his poor sound quality. Picture a high school talent show with tech difficulties – you're catching my drift. I will say this the DJ was killing it with the music despite the poor audio.

They say embracing imperfections is an art, and boy, did I try. But it's hard to overlook a comedy night with more crickets than chuckles. There were some standouts, though – Emmanuel Hudson, B-Simone, and Zoie Fenty brought the fire, heating up the room despite the audio apocalypse. Now Emmanuel killed it per usual, he is very funny and even closed with the Questions! Love it!

Now, let's talk about the artists. August – my hero of the night! He straight-up called out the shenanigans, telling it like it was. He practically dragged the event organizers and demanded a redo. Hats off to you, August, for keeping it real and reminding us that honesty is still alive and kicking.

DC Fly grace the stage singing , and reminding us to always put God first .

Mario, you were a trooper, my friend. Despite the sound saga, he managed to deliver a killer performance, but why oh why did they have to keep flashing his name like a broken record? Someone needs a crash course in screen loops – just saying.

And oh, the stage setup? Let's call it quirky – it felt like a puzzle gone rogue. It's like they left the instruction manual in an alternate dimension. My conspiracy theory? Soundcheck was just a myth in this alternate universe they were operating in.

Monica finally graced the stage, and after some initial hiccups, things picked up. My newbie concert companion loved every minute of it, but hey, it's like comparing apples to oranges when you've only ever tasted one fruit.

My final verdict? I give this concert a solid negative zero. Yep, you read that right. Even though my wallet stayed intact (except for parking and Marta fare), my time deserves better. But hey, life's all about the experiences, right? And this, my friends, was an experience for the books – a glimpse into the surreal world where sound and reality rarely aligned. Until the next adventure, keep grooving and embracing those unexpected twists and turns!


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