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Unveiling the Unfiltered: A Transformative Evening at Penned: She Authored. She Published!

Hey there, fellow HerReaders and adventure-seekers! Hold on tight because I'm about to take you on a journey through an event that rocked our world – "Penned: She Authored. She Published!" This exclusive edition of our beloved Penned series unfolded at the heart of creativity and empowerment, The Bakery. And let me tell you, it was an event that left us in awe, laughter, and deep contemplation.

The event, oh, was personal, intimate, and incredibly heartfelt. Imagine an intimate setting where heartfelt stories are shared, bonds are formed, and the air is filled with an electric energy of personal but powerful storytelling. From the moment Terrinee welcomed us into her world, it felt like we were sitting with old friends, sharing stories and secrets over a cup of coffee. And who better to guide us through this cozy chat than the fantastic Tanya Sam, our moderator for the evening? With her personal connection to Terrinee and her signature touch of warmth, Tanya set the tone for an evening that was all about authenticity and engaging conversations.

This special edition of the Penned series put the spotlight squarely on the captivating Terrinee Gundy, a solo panelist, author, and co-creator who had us hanging onto every word. The theme of the night? Her incredible book "The Daughter of a Junkie A True Love Story," is a journey that took us deep into her personal life and experiences.

Guiding us through this unforgettable experience was none other than the charismatic Tanya Sam, a true gem from The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame. Picture it – two powerful women sitting down and talking like lifelong friends. That's the vibe you're about to step into.

Our journey began with Tanya expressing her love for reading, setting the stage for "Tanya Time Book Lovers Club." And guess what? Her club members were among the first lucky souls to get an exclusive sneak peek into Terrinee's book – a teaser of the first 50 pages that left them craving for more.

But let's rewind a bit – Terrinee, the incredible force behind this event, was initially hesitant to share her work with strangers. And can we blame her? These are people she doesn't personally know! However, her courage and vulnerability prevailed, and the pages of her manuscript landed in the hands of Tanya's book club, setting the stage for an unfiltered and raw storytelling experience.

Now, let's get personal. Here's where this event took a turn that left me and many others in the room, reflective and self-analyzing. Terrinee's story touched on topics many shy away from – drug addiction, family struggles, and finding one's true identity. As someone who's also faced challenges within this realm, her words struck a chord within me, and I'm sure I wasn't alone.

The candid way she talked about her own journey, her perception of drug addicts, and her transformation was nothing short of powerful. It forced me to reevaluate my own demons and realize the importance of compassion and understanding. Her event became a catalyst for personal healing, an awakening that some stories need to be shared for everyone's growth.

Terrinee's journey into writing her deeply personal book "The Daughter of a Junkie A True Love Story" was a triumph of courage, honesty, and vulnerability. And let me get real personal with you here

HerReaders I am about to get real personal with you. Here's the deal: I've never openly shared this before, but I'm also a daughter of a parent who battled addiction. It's a heavy subject, one that's always carried a veil of shame and judgment for me. I've kept it hidden, afraid of the silent judgment I assumed would come my way. She opened up doors I thought were locked forever and made me confront demons that I've been battling for years. The way she redefined her relationship with her father and looked at addiction as a disease – it was a revelation that touched my soul. Y'all, Terrinee happened!

This event took me out of my comfort zone in the most incredible way. As someone who's also faced the challenges of being a daughter of a person with addiction, the topic hit close to home. The shame, the stigma – it all made me stay silent for so long.- Crystal Jordan

Terrinee Gundy, the brave author, and co-creator of the event, shifted my perspective in a way I never expected. Her honest and raw storytelling made me look at the term "junkie" in a whole new light. Her words hit home, especially when she talked about how she viewed her dad and others struggling with addiction – as individuals battling a disease. That hit me like a ton of bricks.

Being in that room, surrounded by shared experiences and powerful stories, was a turning point. It forced me to take a long, hard look at myself in the mirror and finally address some issues I've been avoiding. It's time to release the shame and judgments I've carried for so long. Terrinee's bravery inspired me to start my healing journey, to let go of the weight I've been carrying.

Let's talk about discomfort – oh, there was plenty of that during the event. Yet, in that discomfort, I found growth. It was exactly where I needed to be, facing my own truths and understanding the struggles that people with addiction face. They're fighting their battles, just as we all are, and it's a battle they can win.

The event ignited a fire within me to start addressing some deep-seated wounds. It's time to heal, to move forward, and to one day sit down with my dad and have an honest conversation. It's time to apologize for the way I treated him, for not seeing his struggles, and for not acknowledging his humanity. Because guess what? He's doing his best, just like we all are, and he deserves understanding and compassion.

Terrinee's authenticity was like a breath of fresh air. She didn't sugarcoat her story or her book. She embraced the challenges she faced, and she delivered her tale with a resounding "I am who I am." Her passion to reclaim her narrative and her identity was palpable.

Tanya talked when Terrinee said "I am motherfuckin say what I want" because she still gave her readers the raw version of her story without sugarcoating it. this is why Terrinee is a force of nature she did not sugarcoat her book or event. She was truly herself. She talks about her why on why she wrote this book.

She said she did not have a vision on how to share the book in an impactful way, She said "God showed her the book from beginning to end" Her being a judge she has a lot of unfair attacks on her and her name!

"When you are a daughter of a junkie, you are used to people lying on you, so I will brush that off with no problem and I did that for 5 years"

As the event unfolded, Terrinee gave us a glimpse into the moment that shifted everything – her daughter's public attack. It was a turning point that made her realize she had to take control of her narrative. She's rewriting her story, redefining her legacy, and ensuring her child has a different path to follow. She goes on to talk about her why started the book her daughter was attacked publicly on Sweet 16th and the news shared her story. She was hurt, but again she is a public official

"I was built for this I am the daughter of a junkie , well my child is the daughter of a Judge, and I when through all this so she didn't have to"

The event wasn't just about her book; it was about reclaiming one's narrative and the power that comes with it. Her journey from being a daughter of a junkie to becoming a Judge had its share of struggles, but it's a journey that shaped her into the strong, unapologetic woman she is today.

One of the most profound moments of the evening was when Terrinee shared a piece of advice her mom gave her. It's advice that resonated deeply within me and, I'm sure, with many others. "Don't never come back in this house crying about some bullshit that someone said about, especially when you know it's true." Those words hit hard, reminding us that embracing our own truths is the ultimate power move.

This event was a reminder that stories deserve to be heard – our stories, your stories. It's about owning our narratives, unapologetically sharing our truths, and realizing that each story, no matter how challenging, can inspire others.

So here's to Terrinee, to Tanya, and to everyone who had the courage to face discomfort and grow from it. Let's write our stories, share our journeys, and inspire others along the way. And hey, if you're ready to take the leap into publishing, consider Sistahood Publishing or Golden Step Publishing for your journey. With them, you can publish any type of book and keep 100% of the royalties.

So, my wonderful HerReaders, let this event and my journey be a reminder that we all carry stories. We all have battles we're fighting, and we're all worthy of healing and growth. Sometimes, all it takes is the right moment, the right words, and the right people to spark that change.

Terrinee also shed light on an important truth – drug addicts are human too. Her book aims to spark conversations that break the chains of shame, opening up spaces where important dialogues can unfold.


Wait We Have More!

As Jasmine and I immersed ourselves in the captivating atmosphere of "Penned: She Authored. She Published!" hosted at The Bakery, little did we know that this event would take an unexpected turn – one that would lead to an unforgettable moment of empowerment and inspiration. Amidst the engaging discussions and insights shared by Terrinee Gundy and Tanya Sam, we were bubbling with anticipation, eager to reveal our own surprise.

You see, there's something incredibly special about recognizing those who have embarked on transformative journeys, and Terrinee Gundy's event provided the perfect backdrop for our revelation. After all, her powerful story had already touched us in profound ways, prompting us to reflect on our own experiences and the paths we've walked.

It was during the last event that Jasmine and I decided to honor Terrinee in a monumental way – by selecting her as the cover feature for our upcoming August issue.

Her story resonated deeply with us, her courage and resilience serving as a beacon of light in a world that often tries to overshadow individual triumphs.

With excitement coursing through our veins, we seized the opportunity to surprise Terrinee with this incredible news. As the event continued to unfold, we unveiled the cover – a striking representation of Terrinee's strength and her journey. The sight of her image, magnificently printed and displayed for everyone to see, created a moment that none of us would ever forget.

Terrinee's reaction was a beautiful mixture of surprise and gratitude, and she was honored. The emotion that filled the room was palpable, an electrifying current of camaraderie and support. We presented her with copies of her cover feature and articles, a tangible reminder of the profound impact she had on us and the reason she became the face of our magazine for August.

Choosing Terrinee as our cover feature was a decision that felt right from the very beginning, and the last event solidified the sentiment. Her story, her journey, and her determination mirrored the essence of Becoming Her Magazine – a platform that celebrates the strength, resilience, and authenticity of women. Our goal is to amplify women's stories one story at a time!

As the event concluded and we looked around at the connections formed and the inspirations ignited, we knew that this was more than just a surprise; it was a statement. A statement that every story matters, that every journey is unique and significant, and that together, as a community, we can amplify the voices that deserve to be heard.

So, dear HerReaders, let's raise a toast to Terrinee Gundy for her unapologetic authenticity, for penning a story that's breaking barriers, and for reminding us that even the most uncomfortable moments can lead to beautiful transformations.As you join us on this incredible journey of empowerment, remember that each event, each story, and each experience holds the potential to leave an indelible mark. Terrinee's surprise cover reveal wasn't just about a magazine cover – it was a celebration of strength, an affirmation of resilience, and a testament to the power of embracing our truths.

Until next time, keep embracing your narrative, and remember – your story deserves to be heard!

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Jasmine Hawkins
Jasmine Hawkins
16 août 2023
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Such an amazing experience! You outdid yourself on this blog 🥰💖

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