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Celebrating Black Excellence: Highlights from the 2023 SHEEN Magazine Awards

Hey HerReaders, Let me tell yall about an award show we almost missed! Yes, we almost could not get in well not both of us. She was told there was no plus one by someone who worked there working the door!

Jasmine and I ended up going out to eat down the street since we both couldn't get in. So we just went to eat, the food was okay. So when we told her brand HerAmbassador Toneen Brown, we could not get in. She made a way for us to get in. We ended up leaving our dinner to try again to get into the Sheen Awards.

Toneen got us into the 2023 Sheen Awards! We were so excited, and we walked into an unforgettable night.

The 2023 Sheen Magazine Awards was an evening to remember, celebrating the best and brightest in entertainment, culture, and beauty. This iconic event showcased Black excellence at its finest and featured a star-studded lineup that didn't disappoint. With an array of talented performers, deserving honorees, and a touch of historical significance, the 2023 Sheen Magazine Awards set the stage on fire.

They had a lineup packed with incredible performances, showcasing a mix of emerging stars and established favorites. They had Young Dro and Roscoe Dash. Now you had to be around when "No Hands" came on back in the day that was my song!

The night continued with a live DJ and afterparty with drinks as our brand HerAmbassadors worked the room and networked. Jasmine and I were so impressed, we decided to have her run the magazine. (We made this decision that night.)

The 2023 SHEEN Magazine Awards was a night to remember, celebrating Black excellence across various fields.

With outstanding performances, deserving honorees, and a touch of history, this event demonstrated the impact and influence of those who have shaped the culture. This event made us think about future events and how want show up for our brand.

Until our next event! P.s. sorry we posted this so late!


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