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Meet Chyna Thee MUA

Chyna Thee MUA has carved out a name for herself as a professional makeup artist with an unparalleled passion for her craft. Known for her transformative touch and deep understanding of makeup and skincare, Chyna’s journey is a testament to her passion.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, she has always thrived through the challenges, pushing through every setback with grace and determination. Her journey in the beauty industry has been fueled by her love for creating art on the canvas of the human face, helping her clients become the best version of themselves.

For the past two years, Chyna has embraced her role as a full-time entrepreneur, dedicating herself entirely to her passion. Her expertise and unique style have not gone unnoticed; she has been featured in esteemed publications such as Sheen Magazine and Pop Out Magazine, and her work has graced the screens of Bravo and We TV. Each feature is a testament to her skill and the impact she has made in the beauty industry.

Chyna Thee MUA’s services are exceptional not just because of her technical skills, but because of her personalized approach. Located in Georgia, she offers a unique mobile service, traveling to her clients to provide the best possible experience. This dedication to convenience and quality sets her apart, ensuring that every client feels valued and beautiful.

Her passion extends beyond just applying makeup; it’s about the entire experience.

Chyna takes her time to understand each client's needs and desires, tailoring her techniques to enhance their natural beauty. Her knowledge of the different elements in makeup and skincare allows her to create looks that are not only stunning but also healthy for the skin.

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