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One Night Stay: An Intoxicating Blend of Intrigue and Suspense Hits BET+

Written by Jasmine Hawkins

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Hey HerReaders,

Have you heard the buzzing in the air about the exclusive premiere of One Night Stay, a thrilling masterpiece developed by Jenna Frank and Zach Hunter under the Beautiful Orchid Media label? The talented Rick S Mordecon directed this captivating film which made its mark exclusively on BET+ on January 4th, 2024.

The plot revolves around the enigmatic Jessica, played by the incredibly talented Iyana Halley, whose one-night stand takes a sinister turn. Instead of vanishing into the night, Jessica decides to take up a permanent residence in Marcus' luxurious mansion, played by Stephen Bishop, unbeknownst to him and his power-couple partner, Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett.

The film promises a rollercoaster of emotions as it explores the complexities of obsession and the lengths one can go to preserve a seemingly perfect life. With a star-studded cast delivering powerful performances, One Night Stay is poised to be a gripping addition to the BET+ lineup.

Marcus, played by Stephen Bishop and his power-couple partner, Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett.

The ensemble cast includes Stephen Bishop, known for his notable role as David Paul in Being Mary Jane on BET, and LeToya Luckett, recognized for her captivating portrayal of Rochelle Cross in OWN's Greenleaf. Iyana Halley, Laurissa Romain, Robert Christopher Riley, Essence Atkins, Lawrence Saint-Victor, and MC Lyte round out the cast, bringing a wealth of talent and experience to the screen.

Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett and Jazmine played by MC Lyte

One Night Stay is not just a tale of suspense; it's a showcase of the diverse skills of its cast, each actor leaving an indelible mark on the narrative. Laurissa Romain, known for her role in Paramount Pictures' Top Five, and Robert Christopher Riley, recognized for his performance in Vh1's Hit the Floor, contribute to the film's depth and intensity.

Marcus, portrayed by Stephen Bishop and two other cast members

Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett and April played by Essence Atkins

The production of One Night Stay is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Worldwide Entertainment and Media, in association with Choice Films, for BET+. The dedicated team of producers, including Pierre Romain, Julie Solinger, Jenna Frank, Zach Hunter, and Joseph Harrington, worked tirelessly to bring this captivating story to life.

Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett and Jessica played by Iyana Halley

Executive producers Summer Crockett Moore, Tony Glazer, Stephen Bishop, MC Lyte, Maureen Guthman, Devin Griffin, and Jerry Leo for BET+ added their expertise, ensuring that One Night Stay would be an unforgettable experience for viewers. Co-executive producers Lorisa Bates and Marvin Neil, along with co-producers John Baldasare, Noelle Broussard, and Rene Rodriquez, contributed to the film's success, making it a true collaboration of creative minds.

Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett, Marcus played by Stephen Bishop and Andre played by Robert Christopher Riley

In the end, One Night Stay promises to be a gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will leave audiences eagerly awaiting its exclusive premiere on BET+ on January 4th, 2024. With a stellar cast, an intriguing plot, and a powerhouse production team, this film is set to captivate the hearts of viewers and solidify its place in the annals of suspenseful cinema.

The ending will blow your mind!!!!

I had the pleasure to be at the press day and interview one of the actors, Robert Riley. I asked him "What was your Becoming Him moment?" After a pause, Robert answered that he was sitting next to his moment, his wife. His becoming him moment was getting married and becoming a step dad. Being accepted into a family that he has spent a lot of time with, has been a very defining moment at the age of 43. To have found a greater purpose instead of going out there and making money for himself.

Thank you for being open and honest with our question.

Milan, portrayed by the stunning LeToya Luckett and Andre played by Robert Christopher Riley

HerReaders! We encourage you to take a moment and check out this new movie on BET+, come back and leave a review on One Night Stay. We know you're going to enjoy every thrilling moment.

Until next time, bye ✌🏾

One Night Stay Movie on BET+
One Night Stay on BET+


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