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Star-Studded Networking: Our Spectacular Journey Among Celebrities and Creatives! ICandy Media Mixer

Hey there, lovely HerReaders! Have we got a story to tell you, a journey that unexpectedly led us to an extraordinary event filled with celebrities, networking, and endless possibilities. So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let us take you on a ride through an evening that left us feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the world.

It all began when our co-founder, Jasmine, stumbled upon a captivating flyer on our business Instagram feed. Yes, you read that right – sometimes the universe truly does work in mysterious ways! With a swift email to the event organizers, we secured our spot on the media list for an event that promised to be major for us. We were excited to network outside of what we are used to! This experience would take us beyond the walls of The Bakery Co-Working Space, propelling us into a different world and most importantly a different environment.

Now, let's talk about the adventure of getting there. Your girl here had a bit of a hiccup finding the location in Decatur, but Jasmine to the rescue! She swooped in with clear visual directions, and just like that, I was back on track. As we entered the venue, a list greeted us, an entry gatekeeper of sorts. You had to be on the list to even get it! We gave our business name Becoming Her Magazine, and we checked in and embarked on our journey into an evening of connections and creativity.

But wait, let's talk fashion – our photographer Star was already there, a vision in all-black attire, capturing the essence of the event with her camera lens. As we ventured deeper into the venue, we couldn't help but immerse ourselves in networking, an essential aspect of what drives our magazine. And speaking of drives, we had the pleasure of meeting a black-owned water brand named Keenh2o Alkaline Water – talk about refreshing!

As the night unfolded, we found ourselves rubbing shoulders with some familiar names. Kiyomi Leslie, a TV personality, rapper, and model, graced the event with her presence. And boy, did she radiate charm and positivity! Not to be outshone, Big Boss Vette, one of my favorite female rappers, left an indelible mark in the short time we spent with her. I gave her a bottle of water to ensure she was refreshed. Because baby it was hot inside of that venue!

The surprises didn't stop there. We crossed paths with internet sensation Just Being Briana, a bundle of sweetness in comfortable attire. Brittany Passion, an actress starring in a show I am currently hooked on, made her presence felt as well. The room was alive with energy, a sea of creatives from various fields converging to connect and create. We mixed and mingle with everyone not just the celebrities, we wanted to network with everyone. We aim to amplify the voices of women. It was our pleasure to be invited to events, fashion shows, brunches, and other activities.

Our mission was clear – elevate our brand, seize opportunities, and make lasting connections. And boy, did we work that room! With Star capturing candid moments, we navigated through conversations and connections, our passion evident in every interaction. As publicists of future collaborators approached us, we felt the potential of partnerships on the horizon.

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate the delectable treats courtesy of Charitys Cakes. Her creations not only looked divine but also tasted like a slice of heaven – and trust us, not everyone can bake! The event was a testament to the power of networking, creativity, and community. Revanche Cognac, the smooth sponsor of the night, had us sipping and savoring every moment. If you like Hennessy then you would like this cognac. The owner was a delight and very knowledgeable about the industry.

And then came the artist we had all been waiting for – ICandy. With her viral summer hit "Keep Dat," she had us singing along and vibing to the beat. Meeting her was a pleasure, and her down-to-earth demeanor made the experience even more unforgettable. Decked in a custom ensemble by fashion designer Robrice, she lit up the stage and left us wanting more.

Our evening culminated in an opportunity to connect with ICandy once more, and we didn't miss the chance to express our desire to feature her in our magazine. As the night wrapped up, we were left with the taste of success, camaraderie, and inspiration – a perfect cocktail to fuel our journey forward.

And there you have it, dear HerReaders! Our journey from an Instagram flyer to an unforgettable celebrity mixer was nothing short of magical. Remember, life has its way of leading us to unexpected places, and each experience serves as a stepping stone toward our destiny. Until next time, keep those dreams alive and your spirits high. Here's to embracing opportunities, building connections, and embracing the path that lies ahead!




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