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Unleashing the CEO Power: Insights from the High-Performance CEO Class with GURL MOBB!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hey there, fabulous readers! Gather around, because I've got an exciting story to share with you all. Last week, my business partner and I had the privilege of attending a mind-blowing event called the High-Performance CEO Class with the one and only GURL MOBB! I'm telling you, this was not your average business seminar. It was a high-energy, knowledge-packed session that left us feeling inspired and ready to take on the world!

The event was all about diving deep into the strategies and techniques used by the most successful CEOs in the industry. But let me tell you, it was more than just business jargon and numbers. It was about personal growth, time management, and building meaningful relationships to propel your business forward.

At the heart of it all was the powerhouse speaker, Dr. Shelly-Ann. Oh boy, did she leave an impact on our lives! Dr. Shelly-Ann knows her stuff, and her teaching on performance management was simply top-notch. She taught us to prioritize ourselves and our well-being, which is something that many CEOs tend to neglect.

Let's break down some of the golden nuggets she shared during the event:

1. The 5 Action Points in Business:**

- **Know Your Why:** Understand your purpose and revenue goals for each month and quarter. Without a clear vision, your business will be adrift in the sea of uncertainty.

- **Outsource, Automate, Repeat:** Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest. Embrace automation to streamline your processes and free up your time for more important tasks.

- **Manage Your Business Goals in Quarters:** Break down your goals into manageable chunks for each quarter, making it easier to track progress and stay on target.

- **You Cannot Serve Everyone:** It's crucial to identify your target audience and focus on serving them exceptionally well. Trying to please everyone will spread you thin and hinder your growth.

2. The 5 Action Points in Personal:**

- **Three Areas to Manage:** Work, health, and relationships. Balancing these areas will ensure you don't burn out and maintain a harmonious life.

- **Know Your Energy Levels:** Identify your peak and low energy moments. Align your tasks accordingly, placing heavy tasks during peak times and lighter ones during dips.

- **Write Intentions for Each Week:** Clear your mind by writing down your intentions for the week. This way, your brain can focus on generating ideas rather than holding on to them.

- **Time Unaccounted for is Time Wasted:** Make the most of your time by planning and scheduling activities, even leisure time and rest periods.

- **Rest is Productive:** Yes, you read that right! Prioritize rest and rejuvenation, as it is essential for maintaining peak performance.

3. The 5 Action Points in Relationships:**

- **Find a Business Relationship:** Surround yourself with like-minded individuals through mentorship, networking, and having a supportive business bestie.

- **Audit Draining Relationships:** Take a step back and assess the relationships in your life. If they're draining you, it might be time to cut ties and focus on nurturing positive connections.

- **Build Your Network:** Networking is crucial for business growth. Attend events, engage with your community, and collaborate with other industry leaders.

- **Nurture Support from Your Partner:** If you have a significant other, ensure they understand your goals and aspirations. Having their support can make a world of difference.

- **Pour into Your Team and Those You Serve:** Invest in your team's growth and focus on delivering value to your clients. Happy employees and satisfied customers are the pillars of a successful business.

Let me tell you, this class was an eye-opener for my business partner and me. Dr. Shelly-Ann's approach was refreshing, and she even took the time for a Q&A session, which was incredibly valuable. The event was hosted at The Bakery Co-Working Space, and let me tell you, it was one of our favorite classes there thus far.

So, dear readers, take notes and be ready to be inspired. The High-Performance CEO Class with GURL MOBB was an absolute game-changer. Whether you're a CEO, an aspiring entrepreneur, or just someone hungry for personal growth, this event had something for everyone. And who knows, it might just spark something extraordinary within you too!

Until next time, keep striving for greatness, and remember, you've got the power to conquer the world just like Dr. Shelly-Ann! Stay tuned for more adventures and insights. Signing off for now! 💪🚀

Unleashing the CEO Power: Insights from the High-Performance CEO Class by Dr. Shelly-Ann with GURL MOBB!


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